Personal Narrative: My Personal Outdoor Statement

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My original statement written about the outdoors still stands. Basically, I talked about how much I enjoy nature and the activities that can be done outside. However, the personal outdoor statement written at the beginning of the semester was based on my experience in Colorado and now I can say I love the outdoors and activities this new part of the country has to offer. Honestly, my perception of anything between Colorado and New York was miles and miles of flat cornfields with not much else. I’m happy to say I was wrong; this part of the country has various beautiful things to offer from the enormous multi-colored trees the hidden rocks and rivers. Since my time coming here Miami has exposed me to some exquisite sights during trips in Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. The first weeks of EDL 290 were centralized around ourselves; what kind of leader we were. My favorite part of this unit was the multiple intelligences and Meyers-Briggs test. Everyone on the floor was …show more content…

Most of the concepts we went over I already had at least some experience in but I always learned something new. The two classes I learned the most in were the backpacking class and wilderness medicine class. Numerous valuable lessons I tend to use in the future were taught. I can’t wait to confidently go spend time in the outdoors this summer. Our field experience, canoeing/rafting in Indiana was fun and stress relieving. Overall I don’t think it changed me as a person or had any kind of impact on me, but it was genuinely pleasurable. I liked appreciating nature with friendly people. My favorite part was seeing a bald eagle in the wild for the first time. What stuck with me was the story about the little boy who went on a rafting trip. It was a depressing and shocking story but it was the kind of story that I will never forget. I think this is so important because we learned about essential safety is while enduring in outdoor

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