Personal Narrative: My Progression As A Student In The Step 1 Course

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The artifact I created demonstrates my progression as a student in the Step 1 course. The tree on the left has nothing to show under its leaves and symbolizes me prior to this course. I had little knowledge on the approaches to teaching when I first walked into class the first day, but over the course I have learned and developed a great deal. I am now the tree on the right and if you lift the leaves you will find images of a megaphone, a questionmark, a stopwatch, and raised hands. These images symbolize just a few of the numerous accomplishments and skills I now have to show.
Throughout the semester I struggled with time management when teaching my lessons. When reflecting on my first teach, I stated that I ‘underestimated the time it would take to teach the lesson.’ Mr. Burdman explained that time management is important, but it is a skill that develops over time. Prior to this course, I had no experience with time management of a lesson plan. The three lessons I taught have shown me to not only keep an eye on time, but also have extra content prepared just …show more content…

In the beginning of the semester, I had little knowledge on how to engage students in a lesson. I have learned that there are numerous methods to improve student engagement, but these methods vary with different classes. In the first lesson, I found that the students were “extremely distracted and inattentive” at various points in the lesson. In order to encourage student engagement in this specific class, I found that hands on activities were effective. The students had a short attention span and I found that spending less time on each part of the lesson also improved the students attention and engagement. Keeping students engaged in a lesson is a skill that will improve with experience. I included the image of the raised hands to symbolize how I have developed this skill throughout the

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