Personal Narrative: My Racing Career Path

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There have been numerous occasions throughout my life that have fashioned my character into what it is today. However, one instance stands out, and that was within my racing career at the 2012 I.K.F. Grand Nationals. It was during this race, that I learned the importance of optimism and determination, which ultimately led to my Grand National title. I had several races that week, all of which ended poorly, barring the finale. My dad observed that I was becoming discouraged and pulled me aside for a pep talk. He told me to always race with my heart, finish strong and ultimately it will lead to success. After qualifying, I was seated 2nd place and eager for my final event. I entered the track with tremendous determination and drive, confident that when the green flag dropped nothing could stop me from achieving my goals. …show more content…

Focused, I decided to draft the lead car in hopes I could distance myself from the field. After a grueling 20 laps the black and white flags were thrown indicating 2 to go, and time to make my move. After drafting up on the leader down the straightaway, I was in a position to win. I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I executed the final pass that could secure my victory. The checkered flag was in the air, and I had won. Consequently, it was this race, when I thought the odds were against me, nevertheless, I kept my determination and dug deep within myself to do the best that I possibly could, and where I learned the value of optimism and determination that will be embedded in my character

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