Personal Narrative: My Saanic English Teacher

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When I was a sophomore in high school, I hated my satanic English teacher, Mr. Litvin. I had great anxiety throughout that whole year due to his essays that overwhelmed my friends and I. We would start on our essays and sleep over at one another’s house to edit each other’s essay from after school until morning before school started. It was a crazy experience -all nighters just for a few page essays. I managed to get a few A’s, but mostly B’s. Another stressful part of his class was participation grade, we would have to read our in-class paragraph in front of the class and he would brutally critique it in front of everyone. I know he was doing it for our benefit to improve as a writer, but I could not help feel ridiculed when I participated for the first in his class. I felt humiliated and had the most mistakes in anyone that participated before me. Ever since that moment, I never participated again and took the zero for participation. I thought my struggle and anxiety would end that …show more content…

I enrolled in Expository Writing without prior knowledge that Mr. Litvin was going to teach the course. I went to my counselor early in the morning on the first day to switch me into a different teacher for the class, so I would not have to feel that immense feeling of being hopeless in that class, but unfortunately he was the only one teaching that course. My last class was with him, so the whole day I was in distress and gotten worse when I stepped in. The grading changed a bit -participation was equally the same as the essays. Everyone bombed the first essay, the class got 24.5 out of 40 except one student who got 26. We were so shocked that around two of his expository class got the same grade. Later finding out that he let his college student to help him grade. I was living in fear now. If I could not pass his essays and participation, I’m not going to

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