Personal Narrative: My Transition Of High School Graduate To College

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The first day of classes had arrived and I felt as if I was the lost puppy in a big campus. I had no idea what I was about to endure, when it came to transitioning. I was in the process of making the transition of high school graduate to college student. I had chosen to take my first writing class of the school year, wanting to rip it off like a band aid. I had previously come to the decision that it was not one of my strong subjects, but had the hope I would improve. I walked into my first class of that Monday morning and sat down in front one of the many computers surrounding the walls. I then see a woman enter who appears to be around the age of her 40’s. She came in with a bright smile and a coffee mug in her hand. She came ready to teach and I was anxiously ready to learn. Mrs. Patterson is an average height woman, with light …show more content…

Patterson definitely has lived this motto and shows this through her journey of becoming a person of mindfulness and acceptance. It all starts with her growth from her teenage and young adult years. “In high school, I would always have my head in a book”. She was a shy and introverted student, even when she had gone to college, she expressed that she hadn’t changed. “I felt out of place” “I was shy throughout college”. College is usually the years that you blossom like a flower, and become more of who you are in the future. People usually find their lifelong friends in college and go on this journey of finding their career and passion. In Mrs. Patterson’s experience it was the complete opposite. She went to a Christian based college here in Santa Barbara, but hadn’t blossomed to who she wanted to be. She could never fully be who she wanted to be, a progressive person. She did not get the chance to feel comfortable with being different in comparison to the majority of those who went to her Christian college. Luckily her journey did not end there, she continued her graduate study at

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