Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Lake

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A very patriotic, American yet basic thing to do is go to the lake with either friends or family yet, until this weekend I have never “properly” gone camping. First, I get in the silver, petite and fuel efficient car that will be taking me to Marion lake. The car smelled like peaches and honey not to mention the ebony, hot yet sticky leather seats. The drive there consisted of acapella singing, giggling yet loud shrieks and mischievous “what are the odds’” scenarios. Rap and hip-hop was the main playlist for the sticky sweaty drive there. Our music choice rapped about beer, drugs, women, gangs and of course money.
Finally, after the eternal, bumpy, loud drive there we spot the tall, olive trees and sky blue lake. We finally get out the tiny …show more content…

Ashore I hear my family blasting bachata, a form of romantic spanish music originating from the Dominican republic. The aroma of carñe asada, grilled onions, hot dogs and corn make my mouth water and stomach growl even louder. Specifically, the sweet, salty, gamey smell of the carñe asada. This odor was a pleasant, nostalgic smell that brought me back to family BBQ’s and 4th of July’s that I now realized I missed dearly. Our table looked like as full as it does on Thanksgiving or Christmas. For example the tender, dark brown, steaming steaks layed next to the light red grilled hot dogs. Likewise, the circular, dark brown grilled hamburger patties layed next to the big, tan, fluffy buns. The tall, red, yellow, blue, black, green bags of chips sat vertically in a line. The glass bowls contained lemon colored sliced pineapples, dark juicy watermelon, fat plump purple grapes not to mention the tangerine colored mango slices. In addition to the meats there were different sides for instance, yellow potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, mac & cheese, steamed vegetables, chips & salsa, and of course a variety of desserts. The spicy but citrusy chilli powder sat next to the assorted fruits. The wide, aquamarine cooler was filled to the top with square ice cubes and a variety of sweating, different colored, tall beverages to choose

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