Personal Narrative : New World Together

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Karissa Gayer Southern Hills 3 New World Together It is the summer of 2018 and there are still an ongoing Syrian war. As of now there is around one million Syrians coming into a new world, being the Americas. I am kind of excited to possibly bring a new person into my life. However with school starting it back up it might be very difficult to juggle the new and the old. The new being the Syrian refugees and then the old being my normal school life, always starting in the summer. In two days I will start my 6th grade year as an eleven year old. So far in my past seven years I have kept a 4.0 overall GPA. I know that the Syrians are not always the most intelligent because they have a very rough life still back in …show more content…

I changed my mind and decided to go and introduce myself. Should I expect for a reply? Was he going to look at me and walk away or would we shake hands? I didn’t know anything about the Syrians, was he going to even know what I was saying? My thought was, I’m going to hope for the best! I walked up to first introduce myself. “Hello, my name is Bryce Carter and I am one of your new neighbors. I am going into the 6th grade, in actually 1 day, and I’m at the age of eleven.” “I fifteen,” replied Adnan, the Syrian refugee. 1 month later… We have almost been in school for a month and I am already starting to get back in the groove. I have seen Adnan frequently throughout the school but never have I talked to him again. We actually have one class period together and that is study hall. He just always stares at his paper and still seems very lost. I want to help him, but I don’t know if he even knows English yet, that was probably why he is still so lost. With him always staring off into space, I always wondered what he was dreaming about. One casual Wednesday afternoon, I was back in 5th period with Mrs. Zombottle just reading away in my wonderful mystery book. She came up to me in a quiet fashion, “Are you busy?” “No ma’am I am not, just reading away in my novel.” “Okay, can I ask you to help me with a huge favor.” “Well sure Mrs. Zombottle, what is that favor?” “So there is this new

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