Personal Narrative Of High School

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High school. Where you get over 1000 teenagers together and make them feel as uncomfortable as possible while attempting to prepare them for their futures. Needless to say, some mistakes will be made by each and every one of them. Preparing for the future is scary but it’s something everyone has to do eventually. Of course every high school has that “college readiness” week where they try and scare students into thinking about what college to go to when they’re only 15. It can get pretty stressful, and when stress gets to you, it can make you do weird things. With all of the stress about the future coming at me head first, I had a hard time making the right choices. On top of that, I was only a little sophomore who didn’t have many friends while trying to push my way through this whole “high school” thing. So of course I made stupid choices, but who doesn’t. With all the new and scary things I figured I might as well add Chemistry to that list as well.
In my head I always knew I would take all the required classes and pass with A’s to get scholarships. My counselor told me about Regent Scholars, which apparently would give you money for college. With this being the first scholarship I even knew existed, it seemed super cool and naive little Megan signed up for all of the classes. The first quarter was hard but I thought I could fake my way through it. My teacher kept telling us it only got harder so I proceeded to doodle in my margins and daydream about being in Hawaii. I

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