Personal Narrative On Mardi Gras

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The blazing hot sun beamed down on my skin as the song “Mardi Gras Mambo,” a traditional song almost everyone in Louisiana has heard once before replayed continuously and the shouts, “Throw me some beads mister,” overwhelmed me. For years, I had waited to finally be a part of this, no longer was I an average citizen at the corner of Capitol Street, hoping to be in knowledge. I was a part of something grand, Mardi Gras. This was the first time I was getting to ride on the float with my older cousins and other various family members. I never realized how much work was put in to ensure success by the end of the night. I remeber how I stayed awake the night before, restlessly pacing across the floor. It was to the point that I begin making a checklist, as I scuffled my feet across the house, making sure that everything was in place.…show more content…
After continuously begging me to loosen up, he decided to do something so a erratic that the whole crowd would silence themselves. He picked me up and placed me on top of the bow of the ship and yelled to the small crowd trailing nearby, “You can take the girl out of the port, but eventually she'll earn back that New Orleans flair!” An older man around 60 grabbed onto his hand and as he replied “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” (Let the good times roll!) The life in his eyes gave me a sense of relativity. I quickly realized that everything was fine! The love New Orleans and Mardi Gras was evident. Although, everyone there was different they we all shared a common standpoint. Loose I want to go on my boat was still playing in the background and as I aired out the noise around me and paid attention to the music I realize that the song was more than just a song but it reflected the city of New Orleans: fast, complex, and full of life. Never what I think a song that I've her millions of times before but have such an effect on

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