Personal Narrative: Outstanding Teen Competition

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My arms trembled like never before as I struggled to lower myself to complete the competition’s required pushup. As my nose neared the ground, I said a quick prayer; Please don’t collapse. I clenched my teeth as I rose from the stage floor. The audience cheered way too loudly for someone who had only done a single mediocre pushup. I jumped up with a mixture of glee and embarrassment. I had survived this critical moment in the Miss Illinois’ Outstanding Teen competition, but it wasn’t over. In my quest for the crown, some things came more easily than others. I struggled to stick to my rigorous workout routine; bicep curls were the bane of my existence. To me, the most significant part of preparation was the development of a community service platform. I had been working with the Ronald McDonald House since fifth grade, and volunteer work was something I genuinely looked forward to every week. One of my proudest accomplishments is founding and leading a teen board …show more content…

Before I knew it, it was down to me and one other contestant. We excitedly held hands. Half of me screamed, “This is your time!” while the other half of me screamed the exact opposite. As it turns out, it was not my time. The winner’s jaw dropped into the signature pageant expression while confetti cannons went off from all directions. “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” I thought as I forced myself to hug and congratulate the girl who achieved my dream. After placing first runner up, I felt that I had let down my supporters and myself. However, I have always found “failure” to be quite subjective; I strongly believe that new doors open when others slam in your face. I decided I would give it one final shot. I had nothing to lose, only something to gain. I spent the year preparing; this time, the pushups were easier as I was fueled by the understanding that even if I did not win, it would not mean that I had

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