Personal Narrative-Paranoia

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I tripped on the way to the bunker door. As I turned to look at what my foot had hit I felt rumbling against my torso. I could tell from the orange light in front of me, probably emanating from the giant mushroom cloud, that I had a few seconds. I got to my feet and sprinted to the giant grey block installed in the basement. It had been installed in case of “an emergency”, of course they never told us what it was. Only for those who really needed to know, but I guess everyone knew now. The door slammed shut with a thud. I took three tentative steps forwards then sprinted back to lock the door, just in case. I gathered the newspapers had been left on the shelf. The main page of each was clear but no one believed it. Just ramblings we thought back then, reporters trying to get a scoop, a publicity stunt, anything other than the truth. As usual they were right, nuclear deterrence was in issue. North Korea in a silent standoff against the U.S, as the whole world kept turning, oblivious to the imminent doom. If only they had listened and took precautions. Paranoia was the only thing keeping me alive. That and this giant brick of lead …show more content…

The cold wind bit at my exposed neck while I walked towards the bench. Near the clouds above, a ray of light pierced the thin veil of mist and landed on the dewy grass. I sat and listened to the wind, the birds chirping and the occasional splash from the lake. So peaceful, so quiet. I looked at the pale sky and smiled. A large whoosh, made me flinch and close my eyes involuntarily. A small pigeon watched me with it’s cocked head. I chuckled, just a bird. Suddenly a rumbling in the ground rippled the water. I turned to see a bright light then crimson spilled into the sky as a boom echoed through the park. A clearly visible shockwave headed towards the gates. I was always scared. Screaming, then

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