Personal Narrative : People Need People

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People Need People

At half past 10 on my riveting Friday night, I begrudgingly pulled into the nearly empty parking lot that lay adjacent to my family’s store, Smith’s Dress Emporium. My nights have been spent here every night since I was a kid. The same routine every day, day in and day out. The same faded, blue and red, checkered sign, the same grey, bland store front for my whole life. The only difference is now my father isn’t around to run the place. A few months ago, He passed away.. Consequently, I am the acting owner I cut the ignition and made my way out of the car to the front door. As I glanced over to the car adjacent to mine, the only other car in the parking lot, I noticed a bright yellow bumper sticker that read people
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Blue blouses, out
Red slacks, in
Tall socks, out
Green jackets, in
I changed old promotional posters, that should’ve been taken down ages ago.
50% off all black Spiked Belts (While stock available)
Buy one get $5 off your next purchase (At Participating locations)

putting out new stock. The usual. I had been doing this for quite some time when I began to get hungry.
“Hey hon, what do you want for dinner?” No response again. What a bitch.
“Yuuno this whole act is getting pretty old Jewel, I’m just trying to reach out to you.”
“No matter how much you think you want to be alone, I know you don’t. Jewel, I need love, you need love Jewel.” She just stares blankly at me, practically emotionless. I need her, I need this to work. I paused to choose my next words very carefully, I couldn’t lose her. I couldn’t lose what we have. “I need love Jewel. I can’t leave you here alone because I need you. And you need me, we need each other. Right? I know I need you, do you need me?”
A long silence fell between us, my mind raced. Was I going to lose her? My knees got weak at the thought of losing her, I just couldnt take it. She couldn 't say that she didn 't need me, she just couldn 't.
“Jewel?” She isn 't answering me.
“Jewel, don’t leave me!” I’m practically screaming at this point. “Jewel you can not do this to me, you can’t leave me. Please, manufacturing this lie that you can live without expressing your
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