Personal Narrative-R. I. P. Childhood

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R.I.P. Childhood As I laid in bed, I dreamt of a wonderful, beautiful land, a land full of creatures like unicorns, fairies, mermaids, pegasi, and butterflies the size of your head, along with other surreal, but beautiful creatures. I continued to dream, hugging a pillow as I snored a little, still enraptured in the fantasy world I had created for myself. As I shifted my body around to make myself more comfortable, I suddenly felt something strange and wet. I opened my eyes, waking up from my dream. I felt something wet between my legs, and I thought that I had probably wet myself on accident. In my curiosity, I lifted up the bedsheets, and my eyes widened in shock and horror when I saw a massive patch of red blood between my legs. I threw the bedsheets …show more content…

I was 9 years-old, in 3rd grade, and it had only been a few days after my birthday. I continued to scream, bleeding through my pajamas, when I then felt a sudden, stabbing pain in my lower stomach. I collapsed onto my knees on the floor, clutching my stomach in pain. My mom had woken up, and she had heard me screaming all the way from the living room. She came into my room after she had rushed down the hallway, and she knelt down next to me. “Shh….I understand that this is all very scary to you, but please stay calm. Mama will help you,” she whispered to me. I looked up at her, her words calming the raging storm that had been going on inside of me with my subconscious and my emotions, and I asked her, “Am I dying, mommy?” She looked at me, and she then said, “Honey, you’re not going to die. It’s a natural process that happens to women every month.” I slowly calmed down, then she asked, “Let’s go get you cleaned up, okay?” I nodded my

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