Personal Narrative Story : A Short Story

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Daddy was driving us home. Three of us in the backseat and Lula, who was his favorite, in the passenger's seat. Lula cried, Oh Daddy!—look. At the side of the road, in broken grasses, was something small and furry-white, which appeared to be alive. Oh Daddy, please. Daddy laughed. Daddy braked the car to a stop. Lula jumped out of the car. We ran back with her, to discover in the broken grasses three small kittens—white, with black and russet markings. We picked up the kittens! They were so tiny, fitting in the palms of our hands, weighing only a few ounces! Each was mewing, its eyes scarcely open. Oh, oh!—we'd never seen anything so wonderful in our lives! We ran back to the car where Daddy was waiting, to beg Daddy to take them home with us. At first, Daddy said no. Daddy said the kittens would make messes in the car. Lula said, Oh Daddy, please. We all promised to clean up any messes the kittens made. So Daddy gave in. Daddy loved Lula best, but we were happy to be Daddy's children, too. In the backseat, we had two of the little kittens. In the front, Lula was holding the whitest kitten. We were so excited! So happy with the kittens! Lula said she would call the whitest kitten Snowflake, and we said we would call our little kittens Pumpkin and Cinder because Pumpkin had orange splotches in his white fur, and Cinder had black splotches in his white fur. For some minutes, Daddy drove in silence. We did all the chattering! You could hear tiny mews, if you listened hard.

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