Scavengers Narrative

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When Loki brought the little white fur ball home, he was nervous about how well they would bond. The woman at the shelter said it may take time, but to be patient and everything would be ok. Excited for her arrival, he set up her feeding, sleeping and litter box area, all before he had picked her up from the shelter. Sitting down with the carrier on his bed, he opened the door. The fur ball stayed inside and wouldn't come out. Loki waited patiently. Well, patiently for Loki. After a few minutes, he reached in and pulled her out. Once free of her cage, she immediately ran up his arm, onto his shoulder and underneath the back of his long, black, hair...and stayed there. Trying to reach for her, the kitten's claws gripped his shirt and would not let go. Sighing, he reached for a book and leaned back against the headboard. After a while, he felt her begin to purr. He smiled. The fur ball was a quick study, she mastered her litter box and her food bowls like a champ, and Loki praised her for it. "Who's a good …show more content…

But, today, instead of hanging it up in the closet, he draped it over one of the posts of his bed, before sitting at his desk to read. A few moments later he heard a thump and then a swoosh. He looked over, and Mini had jumped up on his bed, and pulled the cloak down on top of herself. He started to say something, but all he could do was exhale in defeat, and watch her unbury herself. When she finally had, she began making her squishy bed, kneading her tiny paws into the fabric. "Mini," Loki said. It wasn't even a chastisement. She looked up at him, and he, at her. It was a standoff. Finally, Mini jumped off the bed, pranced over to him and hopped up on his lap, where she proceeded to crawl up Loki's chest, forcing him to lean back in the chair, then she curled up and fell asleep right under his chin, purring. "This was not what I had in mind, little

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