Personal Narrative-Swim Analysis

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I am the most competitive person you will ever meet. I hate to lose. In everything I do, from swim meets, to track meets, to academic competitions, my goal and my intent is to win. I want to win! Though I don’t necessarily have the great ability to perform like a winner. I’ve had to accept, that maybe, just maybe, I can’t excel at everything. One night, after a particularly devastating swim meet, I sat down and had to think about why I had lost. Maybe my goggles were on too tight! Yes! That had to be it. Or maybe my competitor cheated and just didn’t get caught! All these thoughts were racing through my head, yet the most obvious one never seemed to cross it. Maybe, after all, I just wasn’t as good as he was. No, that wasn’t possible! He and I looked exactly alike! We acted the same! We had nearly the same techniques!…show more content…
After trying again and again to rationalize this fiercely held belief to myself, I realized that maybe he and I just weren’t equal in our athletic ability. Maybe, we weren’t the same. After many years of seeing myself as equal to everybody else, I realized, none of us are equal after all. And maybe, that’s not something to be ashamed of, but rather, something we should embrace. First, we’ll dive in and look at the societal differences that breed inequality in our society. Then, we’ll sprint our way through the genetic differences that ultimately separate us. Then finally, we’ll pull our way through and discover the ways we are different in terms of motivation, drive, and ambition. Social inequality is one of the biggest problems confronting our country today. However, I find that many tend to focus on the race/gender inequality, and not so much on the more complex social issues that befall our nation. Now I’m not trying to discredit racism and sexism (Abraham Lincoln and Susan B. Anthony didn’t die for nothing), but rather I’m trying to show that there are more social issues than these. Peter Nahigyan, writing for “Nation of Change” said that “400
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