Personal Narrative-The Acoustics Of Woodpecker

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The acoustics of woodpeckers carving into the wood is like a jackhammer. Birds singing to the tune of Moonlight Sonata. The sacchariferous smell of fresh cut Pine trees and the angelic look of Mother Nature at her sanserif looks like the land of the Avatar. The steel horse was whiter than fresh snow in Alaska. The rest of the colors were as pretty as the American flag. The tires were as black as charcoal. The powertrain on the steel horse revved like the irascibility of a muscular rodeo bull in Texas. It was the first horse that I ever rode. When I first got on it I could feel the roar of the engine like I was riding a tiger in the jungle. The first gear at maximum power popped the front wheel up like a jet at taking off. When I went
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