Narrative Essay About Starting Theatre

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I have been a troupe 1224 member of Estancia Drama since my sophomore year of high school. As a child, I took daring acting and modeling classes. My parents had difficulty taking me to them because I hated being on stage. I felt uncomfortable and afraid of everyone judging me. As I grew up, I kept the same attitude towards the arts while my oldest brothers continued to act. They came home late from rehearsals with tired and committed faces. I never bothered to ask what rehearsals were and what they did, but when my family and I went to see them perform, their time to the program showed off. It was not my intention to take Beginning Drama my freshman year, but I was not going to pass up such a huge opportunity. As a senior, I have been in seven shows. In five of them, I was an actress and in two, I was behind the scenes working on lights and sound. The process of putting on a show has taught me more than any other extracurricular possibly can. We learn how to work with each other, a group ranging from twenty to forty students. For every show, we work fifteen hours or more a week on different …show more content…

The Best Buddies club is quality time spent with students living with special needs every Wednesday for lunch. We have fundraisers in order to have their school dances as well as fun activities together. As secretary, my personal goal is to provide a safer environment at school for them to be comfortable in. We play their favorite games and get to know each other on a better term. This is vital during high school because it prevents students from being a victim of bullying. I want to be an educator and this club opens me to form relationships with fellow students as a student. I have plans that I want to enforce in the club and to have them for the long run. It all starts with recruiting new members and introducing them to the importance of clubs such as Best Buddies on

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