Personal Narrative : The Best Day Of My Grandfathers In My Life

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Brooke O’Connell
Ms. Osborne
Advanced Writing
13, September, 2017

“I have to go or i’ll miss the bus,” I say to my grandpa. “Okay good luck at your game,” he says, “I love you.” The last words my grandpa would ever say to me. As I left his home to catch the basketball bus. Saturday February 6, 2016. Waking up I got dressed in black sweat pants, and a pink t-shirt. Outside the sun was shining brighter than normal and the morning dew was glistening off the grass. The snow was melting leaving puddles of slush everywhere. It was one of the most beautiful mornings of the winter. After we were ready my family and I went to my Grandparents like we did every other Saturday since my grandpa was diagnosed with kidney cancer. This day is going to be great! I thought to myself. My cousins from all over Iowa were coming over to spend a day with grandpa. The whole family would be together. We arrived after a mere eight minute drive as my family laughs and jokes around like we always do in the car. We arrived into the normally crazy household of kids running and parents laughing. This time was different. The mood of my family shifted. My once enthusiastic grandma now worn out from the long nights up taking care of my grandpa; bags were formed under her eyes and her nose red and swollen from crying. At that moment I knew that day would be the day my grandpa will die. Nothing made sense. My grandpa was someone strong. His dark hands and so large they could fit around a softball

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