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The Book of Words

I grimaced as the fresh sound of thundering rain was captured by my sensitive ears. I slightly turned my head towards the small window on my right and watched the coal black clouds weep their tears onto our world. I lightly chuckled, realizing how I depressing I sounded. I guess I have never really associated rain with anything happy. How could I? Rain is literally like a never ending cycle of tears crashing down from the vast sky. Suddenly, the ear bursting rumble of thunder brought me back from my endless thoughts, and I immediately sighed before I went back to doing pointless more graphs for math homework.

“Parth give me my damn ruler and let me do my homework!” I cried out in frustration. I especially hated …show more content…

I could feel the warm tears at the side of my eyes threatening to spill, but I was too stubborn to let them out. I just would not give him the satisfaction of getting to me. I have never been the type of person to cry over little things, which is why I felt so weak and pathetic that such a small incident could make me so sensitive. Eh, it has to be because of this morbid weather, I coaxed …show more content…

It was a world of unique handwriting, starting from small letters, cursive letters, big letters and even block letters. I was downright baffled. There were sentences and words all over the pages, in different directions. Some were in red, some blue, black, pink and even in pencil. The next thing I knew, a little bubble in the centre of the page caught my attention. The words that I read weren’t big, fancy or smart in a complicated way, they were just simple: “You are a wonderful person. Don’t let the little things in your everyday life get in the way of that beautiful smile. No matter what happens, I know you will get through. All you have to do is remember that you are not

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