Personal Narrative : The Hidden Cause

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The Hidden Cause “Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. We are proud and pleased to have athletes from all around the world come and compete here.” announced the speaker with a stretched out smile, “let the ceremony begin as the torch has already be lighted.” The man slowly jogged off the stage and out appeared the first group of countries. Although I knew I should be terrified in being in the presence of Hitler I replayed the words that Jesse had once said to me, “You’re not here to shake hands with Hitler nor are you here lose. We as a country, me as African and you a Jew we’re here to make history and if that means having the world against us let it be.” I was able to make it past the whole ceremony, but everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. As we stayed everything made less and less sense to me. Jesse on the other hand was confident and making sure not to have any fear written all over his face. I guess having a dark past left with him being able to face reality a lot easier. --- I swirled the water with the tip of the broken branch. My knees were on the muddy riverside and all I could do was pass the time. I was wearing the white polo shirt and blue shorts that held the symbol of the USA flag and the Olympic Rings. I sighed knowing that I would have to get up any second yet, I made no effort to move and continued to watch the other 14 teams on the lake rowing at full velocity. I could just picture Ulbrickson
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