Personal Narrative-The Ignorance Of Real Animals

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I was new to it all, a newborn, ignorant of what happens outside of my own life, ignorant of the unknown, ignorant. It wasn’t until I was exposed to reality that I took a close look at what I’d been missing, of what was really happening in our society- captivation and control of other living beings, of other animals- Aren’t we the real animals? Who’s to say that confinement is “for the better good”? Who’s to say that animals are “less than” us? Humans. Humans are selfish creatures. Not all of them, of course, at least not all the time. And I’m one of them. When I got an animal of my own, a goat, my goat, I learned he must be kept in a 20’ by 5’ pen, nothing but a short, wide hallway, nothing but wrong. He cried in agony, in envy, in

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