Personal Narrative: The International Space Rocket

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Fear is an emotion caused by a prediction of the unknown. I have done many things in my life to counteract my fears, yet no matter what I did fear was always present at home. In college, I saw an advertisement that had bold letters written on it “Leave everything behind and look up to the stars” by NASA. After graduation, I pursued to fulfill all the requirements to become an astronaut. I obtained a BA in engineering, reached a minimum of 1,000 hours of flight time, and had regular body checkups to see if I was fit enough. It took a while but I was eventually sent to the International Space Station for a mission. When my time in the ISS was up my superiors told me I was to get prepared for another mission.
“what kind of mission” I asked.
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I could feel and hear the thunderous roar of the rocket engine, imagining that just behind my chair two huge tanks with fuel and oxygen connected by a series of pipes that intersect at a specific point where they would have a controlled combustion chamber. In order for this rocket to successfully launched we planned out that the thrust (2)(the force which moves an object through the air which is from the propulsion system of the object) needed to be much more powerful (using F=ma) than the forces pointing back to earth; weight force and drag force (Newtons third law on forces must be equal for every action and reaction). I remembered with my time flying a jet we often had to realize the relationship with thrust (thrust is the motion going in the direction and the other forces that can point in other directions are lift, drag, and weight). I realized during my time doing these calculations how grateful I was during my time with planes. For thrust we calculated that we needed more speed than the weight force is the mass times gravity (3) (The force given off by a planet or other another body that draws an object toward it). We had to keep in account of the earth’s gravity (earths gravitational force is 9.81 m/S^2) to be able to leave. The rockets speed needed to be at least 40,000 km/h otherwise the earth would pull me and my rocket back to earth. during the calculation phase of the mission
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