Personal Narrative: The Lone Book

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The Lone Book That moment, thirteen years ago, was the moment that changed everything. I was young, at only 22 years old, and filled with excitement for the new job that began only one week prior. The typical first day jitters were beginning to settle, though I still felt new and quite anxious. My desire to fit in, make new friends, and to impress my peers radiated through me. I was on a mission to excel in my new role. Little did I know, when I began that day, my naive self would be in for a rude awakening. I would soon be discriminated against. As I entered my place of employment, I felt proud. The office building was rather impressive, with exterior walls of glass and an interior filled with the latest technology. Any young person with a corporate…show more content…
It was early morning hours before the department had filled with noisy side conversations. Moreover, there were no phones ringing or fingers typing away at the computer. Just silence as I sat there, coming to terms with being discriminated against. Thoughts came swirling through my head faster than I could make sense of them. All I knew was that I felt vulnerable. Someone, somehow, managed to cross the line of professionalism and force their way into my personal life. I quickly retraced my steps of the week prior; who would know that I am not Christian? It was then, that I remembered being asked, if I would like to attend a Christian prayer group; an optional activity that takes place during their group’s lunch hour. I respectfully declined. At the point of connecting the dots, I felt consumed in a series of emotions, though anger was not one of them. I suddenly felt compassion for the individual whom left this unfortunate surprise. I eventually found out who the culprit was. Astonishingly, her and I became close friends, despite our differences. You can say, we agreed to disagree. That moment forever changed who I am; it taught me how to accept others and to embrace the diversity amongs us
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