Personal Narrative: The U15 Montco Alliance Team

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Montco Alliance Tryouts The spring of 2016 had held many opportunities for myself. For instance, when I tried out for the boys U15 Montco Alliance team. That spring my resilience was displayed because I had to work extraordinarily hard to achieve my goal of making the team. I put many hours toward my goal and finally received that email whether or not I was going to be a member of the U15 Montco Alliance team. One major setback, was the fact that there were 40 kids trying out for the 16 spots on the team, that greatly lessened my chances of making the team because so many other soccer players trying out for the Montco Alliance team. However, Knowing that, it made me work even harder. I am a young, athletic, intelligent, and a curious …show more content…

I remember my dad walking into the room with a disappointed, depressed, miserable, expression on his face when he handed me the email printed on a piece of paper. That is the moment when my heart sank because I thought that I did not make the team based on my dad’s expressions. He then handed me the piece of paper and I started to read it out loud, I was very nervous reading it because the email made it sound like I did not make the team. Although I was very disappointed I continue to read the email the email ended up saying how much my coach was appreciative honored and satisfied asked me to take part in the Montco alliance for the 2016 2017 season. I was exhilarated once I read those words, my heart was lightened to know all my hard work over the winter had paid off. Both my parents congratulating me for my extraordinary work and making the Montco Alliance team. I was certainly proud of myself for achieving my main goal that took countless hours of practice and dedication to the sport of soccer. This event had changed my life immensely by it opening new opportunities for me to succeed. This team played and plays in show case college

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