Personal Narrative: Too Awful

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Too Awful or too awesome?

Decide is one of the most difficult thinking that everyone can have in the life. Perhaps. Every day, every time, we are making quick decisions and we don’t notice it. In the life we have innumerable decisions to make. Leaving everything you have like your job, school, and home besides get a new beginning is a big desicion to meake and that is the way of how this story begins.

Once I finished High school in Venezuela, I followed the common tradition which is study in another country with a different language than Spanish. That was my first step. I had to decide where to study. But in that scenery wasn’t too problematic to move on. I had just eighteen years old, I did not have something to …show more content…

Once I had the opportunity to start I began to study ESL Classes. Trying to improve my English. But I couldn´t find a job. Later I thought what my skills are. If I could begin my own business in Venezuela, I can do it again here. So that is what I did. My first plan was an IT. I had the knowledge, because I studied Computer Engineering before. I couldn´t graduate, but I had enough awareness and knowing to do that job so I printed about a thousand business cards and with my bike I rode from the 114th Street to the 12th street of Doral, knocking doors, looking for costumers that wanted my service. After a while I had at least twelve costumers that called me at least who times in the week. With that I was able to buy a car and keep offering my service repairing computers, networks, and anything concerning with a computer. After a while I found a job in a CCTV store, giving technical support. With that money a continued studying and buying DJ equipment. After a year, I had

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