Personal Narrative-Tuberculosis

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There I was, standing in front of thousands of people waiting impatiently to hear my story and what my campaign aims to achieve. I scanned the whole conference room to see the smiling faces of people who had survived TB, just like me. And so I began recounting a day of my life living with the destructive disease — tuberculosis. “My name is Lana Steeles, and this is my story.” As my clammy hands steadily gripped the blanket, images from the last thirty nights flashed simultaneously through my head. My hands shook rapidly, as if the blood in my veins were about to erupt through my skin. Despite the unpleasantly cold winter's night, sweat traced the contours of my face. The adrenaline flooding through my veins heightened my senses; I could …show more content…

You always keep me away from you! I need you Ma! Maaaaa!” I took off my mask and my two hands quickly muffled my screams as I fought the conflict in my mind. I shakily placed my sweaty hands on my chest. It was throbbing with pain with every breath, as if someone was continuously stabbing a knife through my chest. Her words hurt, and for a second, I couldn’t tell whether the tightness in my chest was from her words or from the harsh cough. The sad attempt to muffle my screams ignited a fit of coughing, and I searched for my cloth. After having relieved my cough, I noticed that the cloth contained blood. My eyes shot open and my heart pounded. It bubbled, like it was a mixture of air and mucus. The red eerily contrasted against the white, the blood bringing evil to the purity of the white. There was a lump in my throat, and despite the fact that the pain was unbearable, I held the ear piercing scream in. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. Why, why did it have to be me? Why did God give this disease to me? I reluctantly crawled out of my bed, incapable of staying any longer. The harsh sound of my exhalations filled the small space and I determinedly fought my way across the wooden floor. “Time to take your medicines Lana,” Ma

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