Personal Narrative: Where Am I Volunteer

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I have written previously on several occasions but all emails have been returned as undeliverable. I in-processed at the office and told to check back after the summer. I am currently in school but I am interesting in finding what volunteer activities are available. Previously, I volunteered with the ARC for several years overseas. I had been asked when I first arrived to represent the ARC at the Arsenal by a organization on post (the requester Tonya Danial) but the ARC office failed to responded to any requests. I have been contacted by the Central Alabama Chapter but the locations are out of the vicinity. I would like to volunteer here in Huntsville. I have contacted several group members but received no acknowledgement. I would like to participate on the awards committee in the interim, if a slot is available.…show more content…
I participated on the awards committee for two years while in Korea, along with being the program developer and Chairman of the Pet Visitation Program and AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Evaluator peninsula
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