Personal Narrative: Where

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“The Thorntons have four cats and two dog, they live in a place called greendale"
“Taylor, they live in greendale? Don’t you think that sounds just a little . . .? Don’t you want to live somewhere exciting? Somewhere where things happen, somewhere —”
She interrupted me.
“Isn’t that why we’re doing this? Look Cecelia, I know you wan’t to live somewhere ‘exciting’ but really, life isn’t a book! One day your going to have to wake up and realise that people like Snow White don’t exist okay!”
I thought about what she had said, I wasn’t stupid, I knew Snow White didn’t exist, the books I read weren’t about that kind of thing. I thought about what we were doing, we weren’t doing this because I wanted to find somewhere ‘exciting’, i knew the real reason was because we didn’t want to stay with our dads, but we also didn’t want to get stuck in a place called greendale with a pair of moochie adults who had four cats and two dogs. We wanted to settle somewhere more exiting, we wanted to make real friends. So we were
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I’m fed up with moving from place to place, and so are you. Ever since your mum died . . . Are dads got real close and so did we, that was a good thing. But they also started to move around a lot, they don’t settle.” I took a breath. "And as for Snow White went I’d prefer a near death experience! The books I read are about adventures, they involve dangerous and magical creatures, not princesses! And forbidden love is way better than any mushy fairytale slop!”
Taylor laughed, and I was glad — we didn’t like talking about our parents. We had strangely similar back stories, both our mums were dead, both from cancer. Both our dads were journalists who traveled, documenting places like South Africa, Egypt and Jamaica, dragging us along with them. We were cousins (part of a very extensive family ) but more like sisters, we certainly bickered like
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