Personal Narrative: Why I Need Surgery

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I was 11 months old at 9PM, when me and my parents were driving to a elegant restaurant. I was really excited in a playful naughty kind of way. As soon as I got out our motorcycle I ran through many motorcycle. I was about to touch a silencer of a bike that was really hot. My mom saw what I was about to do, so she grabbed me quickly by the hand and pulled me as hard as she could, but she made a mistake that she didn’t anticipate.

As she grabbed my hand, my hand twisted around, and after a second, at least what it felt like, you could hear an annoying voice of a baby crying, except this wasn’t for a toy, this was pain. My parents rushed me to the hospital emergency care, what it felt like was less than a minute. The doctor said we have to do an x-ray before we can determine anything. After a while, the doctor replied in a shocking treatment. The doctor said, “ I will try to twist his hand back, but if it doesn’t work it will need surgery.” He started to twist my hand. I could feel a surge of pain strike through my body, but then it was over, my hand was back. …show more content…

The doctors told my mom never to pull my hand like that because, little kids have weak bones so they are easily dislocated. My mom and dad were happy, because I wasn’t crying. Then, we decided to go back to the restaurant and enjoy our delicious dinner. From that day on I learned to never touch the silencer pipe of a

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