Personal Narrative: Why Not Change The World

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Being the youngest of four siblings, I got dragged on many of college visits throughout the years. I found the setup to be fundamentally the same: Prospective students accompanied by parents, usually more nervous than the students, enthusiastic tour guides ready to impress, and admissions counselors trying to be as accommodating as possible. I never understood how my siblings knew the right school for them. The only thing they said was, "when you find the right school, it feels like home." Over time, my siblings had created a joke about that saying. Little did I know that in seven years, the saying would come true for me. When I first toured RPI, I approached it as any other school I had seen with my siblings. Following the obligatory bookstore visit, I told my mom that we did not have to go on any more tours. I finally understood what my siblings were saying. I found my home at RPI.…show more content…
It will allow me to pursue all of my academic interests and grow not only as a student but also as a person. As stated by the university, "Why Not Change the World?" It serves as an example that at Rensselaer, I will not be limited by what is possible to achieve, but rather, only limited by how much I work to achieve it. Rensselaer's classes are taught by professionals and some of the brightest in their fields. It is the school that I should be attending next year because of the challenging curriculum, hardworking faculty, 21st-century facilities, and encouragement of innovation. I look forward to using all of these as preparation for success in the future. I want to change the world with Rensselaer by my
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