Personal Note On Keeping Yourself Under Control

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--- Ms. Miller’s glare at him stilled his temper momentarily. “I know that this must seem frustrating to you, James,” she said, more kindly than he had expected, “but you need to understand that this is all part of it. Keeping you from knowing is part of what you have to endure. You’ve gotten used to being undressed in front of the girls and have been undressed around the home all the time, and it’s hardly embarrassing for you anymore. They know that. So this is intended to be uncomfortable for you. I am impressed that you’ve held it together for as long as you have, but you’ll learn tomorrow. In the meantime, you must keep yourself under control. Keep your temper in check, or you’ll just make matters worse for yourself, both around here…show more content…
From what he was able to glean, part of his “punishment” was that he will not be nude at home this week. The intention was to try to get him back to a comfortable feeling when dressed, so that when his corrective action took place, the accompanying nudity felt more revealing and shocking to him. From what he could piece together, he thought he also heard that he will not be participating in swim practice, either, and therefore not be nude at school either. “At least I still get to see the other guys!” Monica’s laugh was a little too loud and Ms. Miller quickly admonished her. Although, James heard the mirth in his mother’s tone, making it obvious that only the volume of her voice was being addressed, and not the content of her statement. Unable to hear any details of the coming punishment, James’ frustration built. Hearing only details of the planning gave him no clues. Being unable to concentrate on his homework { only} added to his stress knowing that he was turning in sub-par work at school. The next morning, James woke to his mother knocking on his door. “You need to be showered and out of the bathroom in fifteen minutes so that Heather can get ready for school!” she shouted. Confused, it took James’ sleep addled brain a moment to remember the conversations from the night before. This must be part of the new moratorium on his nudity at home. Without comment, he rose sleepily and staggered down the hallway, rubbing sleep from his eyes, in his
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