Personal Perspective On Social Work

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Summary During this session four service users came into our lecture to talk openly about their thoughts, feelings and experiences of the social work profession. The service users spoke honestly and openly about these experiences, some of them negative but many positive. I found that many of the underlying feelings of the service users where in regard to social workers as individuals, such as their approachability, professionalism empathy and the ability to engage with them to meet their needs. It is with this in mind that I have decided to reflect upon these issues, I will do this from a personal perspective whilst also laying reference of these personal feelings to social work values and ethics, such as the Health and Care Professions Council (HSPC) Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics and the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF), Whilst addressing how a person centered approach to practice such as Carl Rogers ‘Core Conditions’ could help me in practice in the future. Initial Response I found the session to be engaging, interesting and at some points rather eye opening, especially in regards to the potential scrutiny I may face as a social worker in the future. I feel however that what I gained of importance from the session is the humanistic values it made me consider in the profession of social work. Up until this point, my study has mainly consisted of the reading of standards, laws, guidelines and theories, that although are very important, you are

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