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In the fall of 2012, I had to have two brain surgeries to fix a condition I had called Chiari Malformation, which basically meant that my brain was too large for my skull. The months that followed were some of the worst in my life, I can not even begin to describe the pain that came with the surgeries. But in retrospect, my situation truly was not as awful as it felt in that moment. After having my brain surgeries, I was left to sit around and watch TV all day, but in retrospect this time proved to be one of the better events that has happened to me. Sitting in a reclining chair, unable to move with my eyes glued to the TV was the time that I developed an eye for film technique. During this time my life became more than watching movies, but how the lighting framed the actors faces, how the camera panned across the background, even something as simple as how the layout of the scene played into the overarching work. This was when I first began to grasp that I had a passion for work in the computer field in terms of electronic design.
When I was finally able to return to school, it was as if there was an entire shift in my personal universe that everything had to be changed. The first day back, I had to meet with my counselor in order to adjust my school schedule, originally I was in band but after having brain surgeries I could not even lift a backpack let alone an instrument. She sat me down to go over the usual classes such as art or a foreign language, but then she said

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