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1. Empathy with students and the struggles they may experience in specific units of study and/or their transition to university study
When I was a senior auditor in my previous employment, there would be numerous junior staffs coming to company each year, and I found them had similar problems just like me when I was new to the company. I as a senior auditor provided them with suggestions about their job, such as how to efficiently complete the repetitive work, how to more effectively identify the pattern in the client’s financial records in order to better distinguish the possible errors. I found that the helping process is beneficial to both parties. On the one hand, junior staffs can avoid common mistakes in the work. On the other hand, I can better understand about the work during the process of reorganisation my mind and communication with peers. Moreover, because I helped those peers many times, we still have connections even when I am now leaving the industry to commencing my graduate study. They are now senior auditors, and they can help me with the latest trend in the industry.
I believe that in the university the helping process is quite similar, most important thing is that I have the experience of all those difficulties and struggles, so I can give them my personal suggestion in their life of study.
2. Ability to identify areas of student difficulty AND strategies to help students overcome those difficulties
When I was in my second year of undergraduate study in

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