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In my first course at Walden University, Dr. Beebe asked for the reasons I am pursuing my advanced degree and gave her reasons why she did hers. It was part of our discussion board topic of igniting your passion to drive the work that we do. Her reason was similar to mine but I was caught off guard because until yesterday I was not ready to accept that I was doing this degree for me. It felt wrong that I was doing something for me because the world has so much issues and I am here dedicating a large part of my life and finances to do something for myself. After some reflection I was ready to accept it and embrace it without the feeling of guilt. As a child growing up in a third world country with limited resources everyone knew what they wanted to become and had dreams of achieving so much. I was that child 15 years ago who knew what he wanted but had the mindset of reality that unless something drastic happen, this dream was far from reality. Five years later, something drastic did happen and I was given the opportunity to come to America. I told myself walking into that plane that I am going to take every single opportunity given to me and run with it. Ever since I am working towards my potential to fulfill that promise I made to myself, to take the opportunities given to me and make the most out of my life. After some more reflection I came to the conclusion that as much as I am doing this for me, there is nothing selfish about it. I planned to use this degree to help

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