Personal Reflection Of Langston Hughes 's Poem, Mother And Son

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English Composition II
Chandler Dixon
Personal Reflection of
?Mother to Son? In the poem ?Mother to Son? by Langston Hughes, the author describes a mother?s warning to her son about life?s struggles. This poem was written in 1926 by Hughes, during a time period known as the Harlem Renaissance. This was a time of expression for African Americans as the culture was two generations removed from the Civil War. The life of African Americans was completely different than their pre and post war relatives. Many had gotten jobs, owned their own homes and even fought in the Great War. Despite the advancements made during this time, many if not most African Americans still struggled with poverty and discrimination. This is evident in the poem …show more content…

That has helped me realize how lucky I am and to strive to make them and myself proud of my choices in life.
While the setting for this poem is not revealed in the words, the reader can picture the mother and son in the tiny kitchen, him eating at the small table while his mom is cleaning the kitchen after making his snack. The small apartment shared by many in their family in Harlem, New York. The place is as clean as she can make it, but not shiny and new. I can relate here as my mom sat with me in the kitchen many a snack time and we talked about her life and how she wanted my life to be amazing.
Along the same line of thinking as the theme and setting is the tone of the poem. The mother?s words are indicative of a gritty, hard-working, resilient mother that only wants the best for her son. She speaks of her life having tacks, splinters, and torn-up boards throughout as well as places that are bare, with no carpet. Hughes is using these words to describe the life she had and her resilient attitude comes out in her tone with the words. This tone of her words is relatable to me to depict the struggles in life she had and wanted emotion tied to them. My experiences with my alcoholic father is relatable her with how I felt and the words I would use to describe my experience. I too felt like my life was experiencing splinters and torn up boards. My softness toward him became hard like bare

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