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Prior to this year I did not think of history beyond being another academic subject on my “must do” list. The exercises you put us through made its importance to success, especially in business, evident. My summer travel reading list of (put the 2 I gave you) was chosen to start to learn more on how to recognize what effects change in business and economies. It became readily apparent I am woefully undereducated. Looking to swim in knowledge, now I have a litany of history, politics, philosophy, and business books to read.
The comparative essay of FDR’s New Deal, the Great Depression, and Reaganomics introduced me to a far better understanding of how political philosophers’ and economists’ enact corrective processes that change the course of nations, and therefore the world. It was an introduction to a new definition of power.
The adage’s warning “to not know history is to repeat it” became clear as we delved into the sine wave nature of historic capitalist economies. The bank failures, resulting panics, recessions and depressions were truly scary. A creature of habit, I had not expected capitalism’s delivery of growth to be arrestable or even thought of the setbacks faced. As I watch the current federal administration the pride in my understanding of the bond between capitalism and democratic political institutions that I thought never failed to not only revive the United States but ensure its success, I realize was a naïve miscomprehension of the entire democratic

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