Personal Reflective Essay: The Bench

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The Bench
Last Spring, the bench became my best friend. After beating out eight other pitchers to make the varsity baseball team, I was optimistic in my ability to help the team as a pitcher. However, it did not take long for me to figure out that splinters, not the opposing team, would be my toughest challenge. After being a main contributor to my JV and Freshman teams, I had to swallow my pride and adjust to my new role on a winning team. This adjustment would prove to be difficult. While I was successful pitching in limited innings, there were little opportunities for me in our superb pitching staff. As the bond between the bench and I grew stronger each game, I began to question my role and importance to the team. If I was not getting to help my team on the pitching mound, I figured I had to help in other ways. First, I established a “motto of …show more content…

After spring quarter grade checks, my head coach was astonished to see a baseball player with a 5.0 GPA. Soon, I was responsible for tutoring half of the varsity team, along with a handful of younger players in the baseball program. Helping out my teammates in any subject they wanted, I was able to become closer and connect personally with them, but more importantly I saw them develop academically and in the grade book. But still, like trying to help my team on the bench, it served a challenge. As a Calculus student, trying to explain and conceptualize factoring to an Algebra 1 student was tougher than calculating any type of derivative. Relearning those pesky alkanes, esters, and side chains in chemistry was not my ideal Friday night, but proved worthwhile when I helped my teammate raise his grade to a B. While I tutored Division I commitments and future MLB draft picks, during those long nights upstairs at our local cafe, it was I, the bench warmer, who commanded their respect and attention as a friend and a

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