Personal Statement : An Analytical Thinker

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Having my five top highest skills, which are Analytical Thinking, Creative Intuition, Critical Thinking, and Compassion. There are several ways I can influence others to be greater with my five skills. Firstly, as an analytical thinker, I can inspire others to have a deep reasoning thought in any situation to move from nothing to something. To be able to become a greater person in future without regretting any actions they make. Having creative thinking, I can empower others with the way I brainstorm ideas. Brainstorming in my field with positive results will enhance others/clients in taking further steps in their various professions to achieve advance standard level in everything they do. Reason is because, they will witness from me how being creative thinker can generate many ideas to tackle situations in different ways, and excel. To have creative intuition as skills will motivate others to achieve success in their respective profession by following what their hearts is telling them to do; since following and trusting self-heart is worth listening to. I can influence them to be successful by asking what they have in mind, I mean, what they really wish or want to do in future. Once they say it, supporting them to follow what they think will be the next. Empower them to take they thoughts on a vision, and set the trend themselves and not to follow the others. I can empower other to be successful in future profession with compassion. I can do that by explaining how important

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