Personal Statement: Anxiety And Playing With Toys

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Hi everyone, my name’s Zhuess, and I’m an energetic, happy go lucky, affectionate guy. I absolutely love interacting and playing with people, but can sometimes be a little bit too much for smaller children. Since I don’t always know my own size, and like to jump up on people. Hold on a second, did I hear some mention the word play? Running around and playing chase/tag with people, and playing with toys such as ropes, balls, and hard and soft squeaky toys is my favorite thing to do to keep from getting bored. I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that I’m still a young guy, and while I would like to find someone who could keep up with me, I also need to find someone who would be willing to work with me on a few things. Some of the main things that I need help with is learning to walk without pulling so much on the leash, to stop jumping up on people, not to be so rough when playing, and just some basic commands and manners. …show more content…

So when I get into my new home, I’ll more than likely need a brush up on potty training. I lived with both cats and dogs in my past, and got along with both species. In addition when I’ve met another dog here at CHHS, I was friendly and tried to engage in play with her. During my behavior assessment, it was discovered that I have some food aggression, and don’t like having food messed with or taken away. However, food aggression can easily be worked on, and over time can hopefully be corrected. So if you are willing to put in some time and training with me, and are wanting to add a rambunctious, young, big fur baby to your family, then come on down and meet with me

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