Personal Statement : Being Smart As A Whip

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I once discovered a cave and from the outside looking in the life on the inside looked amazing. Its’ habitants looked happy in their painted gold chains and shackles never questioning their existence nor purpose. Their only goal: be ignorant and their moral: be tough; that’s all they knew. As meaningless as their lives were, I desired to be like them and fit into the social norms. My mother dedicated so much time and effort to making me “as smart as a whip”. Persistent late night study sessions, practicing math problems and speed reading until bed time, had my name plastered on the honor roll wall every school year. To be honest I owe almost no credit to my elementary school teachers for anything I had learned in those years. There is one thing I did learn though, it was the reason why most of my peers avoided me and what completely separated me from them, “Being smart ain’t cool!” Although I was academically equipped and far beyond my classmates intellectually, I longed to fit in socially but it required that I abandon the success that I had. So, I went into the cave. Not only did I go in but I sat down shackled myself and let go of my achievements, aspirations and essentially my future. I blinded myself, removing every color, figure, shape and image that I’ve ever known and filled my mind with shadows conforming to their culture. Public education made it all too easy; the lack of beneficial lessons and poor curriculum gave me more than enough time to recite explicit rap

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