Personal Statement : Elementary Education With A Mild Intervention Licensure

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Personal Statement
My continual yearning for knowledge and understanding of children’s development led me to complete an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a Mild Intervention Licensure. A deep commitment to improving children’s lives and a passion for teaching, learning, and student success, has led to my decision to apply to graduate school to earn a Master’s Degree in Education. During the last two and a half years, my preservice teaching provided me with invaluable experience in both general and special education classroom settings across the curriculum. This has expanded my understanding of the progression of these subjects, the importance of creating a solid foundation to support student’s future learning, and the real
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In contrast, my placements also allowed for team planning with my cooperating teachers and classmates. This collaboration gave me insight into both the advantages and disadvantages that come with team planning. Not only did this strengthen my ability to socialize with coworkers, but allowed me to work on time management, communication, scheduling, and problem solving.
Part of my teaching mission is to create a fun and positive learning environment that encourages curiosity and determination, to allow my students to be in charge of their learning, and to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning. In an effort to accomplish my mission as a teacher, I incorporate a particularly inspiring idea, the gradual release of responsibility. Giving students support at each step of their learning needs to be implemented, but in a way that is not directly giving them the answers. The path to true independent learning is achieved by establishing learning objectives, teacher modeling, collaborative work, and guided instruction. This is the ultimate way to build self-confidence through competence.
Beginning a new topic starts with accessing and assessing prior knowledge. Through open-ended questioning, creating KWL charts, think-pair-share, and a number of other strategies, I am able to gain insight into the prior knowledge my students have
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