Personal Statement Of The Deterpose Of Teacher Leadership And Its Purpose

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Teacher Leadership and its Purpose
Personal Statement
I am a leader who believes that teacher leadership has a specific purpose, one that stands to better the teaching profession and make all teachers more effective in their careers.
What is Teacher Leadership? Teacher leadership can be defined in various ways, but one thing that all definitions have in common is the belief that teacher leaders should be empowered and driven to take the lead in schools. Teacher leadership is composed of instructional, professional, and organizational level school personnel whose primary goals are to develop a high-quality learning and teaching experiences in schools for all. There are various ways in which teachers do this that include: leading other teachers (i.e. coaching, mentoring, leading working groups), leading professional development (improving/building upon staff skills through PD), and fine tuning/sharing pedagogy. This is all done while remaining in the classroom as a skilled teacher.
Core Focus: Teacher Leadership Goals
Listen to Students, Parents, Colleagues, and Administration Key to effective teacher leadership is the ability to “listen with a purpose” to all people that could be encountered throughout the school day; people that could include students, parents, colleagues, and administration. The idea of listening with a purpose is an important one. When someone listens with a purpose, they are actively listening to and comprehending the speaker’s main idea. In
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