Personal Statement On Dreams And Accomplishments

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Dreams and achievements are something that I look forward to plan and treasure in life no matter how old I am. They are the things I aim for on my existence, something I wish to accomplish and have achieved. Just like every other teen my age, I aspire to explore the world beyond the horizon. I am ambitious and I will do anything to achieve the goals I set for myself. The paper airplane embodies my character, through the skies that represents the limitless achievements and success I had, the trails that exemplify the steps I took to accomplish my goals, and the paper plane that signifies the ambitions I want to attain. The process to attain a goal and the experiences to obtain it can sometimes change the way I was. From time to time, the outcome will be positive or negative. However, some achievements I had gone through pain, it scarred me emotionally and mentally. My journey throughout high school year wasn’t that easy. I struggled with the works I had especially because I am still learning English language and I was new to the surroundings since I just immigrated to the United States from the Philippines. Some days I felt giving up because of the hard works it brought. But in the end, I overcome the battles I have been through, got a diploma and fulfilled the target I set for myself with determination and persistence. My other accomplishments were cherished and locked in my heart because of the happiness they brought. When I was a kid, my mother enrolled me in piano

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