Personal Statement On Social Work

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I have always been able to communicate and listen well to others. I tried my hand at many different things in life like working at Lowes in the Lumber Department and being in Law Enforcement for many years. These jobs never made me happy, because when I worked at my local jail, I found myself talking to the inmates about their life more than providing security. Of course, this wasn’t appropriate for that line of work. I then decided to do something in life where I could communicate with people on a personal level. I’ve been told that I try to analyze people. This happens to be a terrible trait for someone in that position. I guess after years of doing this, I overanalyze. When I learned to stop over thinking I became better at seeing the big picture for myself and others. This has helped me be a better Case Manager to those on my caseload therefore a degree in Social Work seemed like the most logical step for me.
I expect to gain a whole new outlook on Social Work through my Graduate education. I’ve always thought that Social Work was just a specialty of people that did public service work. Oh, I couldn’t be more wrong. I’m looking forward to learning the ends and outs of Social Work and put some of the myths and misconceptions behind me. I think people label Social Workers in one big box. As a Case Manager, I’ve labeled as a Social Worker. Some even think of Therapist as Social Workers.
My primary goal as a Social Worker practitioner is to change lives for the better. So

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