Personal Statement : My Personal Philosophy Of Social Work

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For a majority of my life, I wanted to be a pediatrician when I grew up. I had wanted to be a pediatrician due to my passion to work with children, in addition to enhancing the lives of children. As I continued to grow up, I realized that science is not my strong suit and I would never survive medical school. I do not recall how I learned about the profession of social work, but around the eighth grade I have known that social work was the profession that I wanted to pursue. The idea of helping others is what initially struck me as compelling because I did not understand social work in it’s entirety, but I knew that I would relish a life of helping other individuals. As I began to mature, my desire to help others grew potent due to the new experiences that occurred in my life. I began to work at Discount Drug Mart during my sophomore year of high school, which introduced me to an abundance of diverse people. My store is located in inner Cleveland, in a neighborhood that is not the worst, but is certainly not the best. Being a cashier, I quickly discovered that well over 75% of the customers had an Ohio Direction Food Card, while perhaps roughly 25% of customers had a Women, Infants and Children Card. I realized that people of all races, cultures, and ages used both of these cards. I have worked at Drug Mart for about two and a half years now, resulting in me being on a friendly basis with a majority of the customers. From the old men who tell me about the time they served

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