Personal Statement On The Field

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When I was on a softball team a few years ago, me and my teammates would communicate through the essentials of communication which are process, meaning, and symbolic communication both on and off the baseball field. In example, when we are on the field, we communicate in procedural ways in order to reach a goal. We were engaging in action when we were practicing and using our knowledge when implementing a strategic plan on how we would play the different opponents we faced especially in crucial games. My teammates were all different races so we all had different cultural backgrounds. There were people on my team who were of American, African American, Asian, Lebanese, Puerto Rican, and Dominican descent. Therefore, my language was constantly changing when communicating between my Hispanic and American teammates. Our interpersonal competence and determination to win depicted the outcome of our games. However, most of us shared the same desire and effort in helping each other learn and grow with the team.

Before our games would begin, some teammates practiced different ways based on their cultural roots. For instance, some Dominican teammates would practice their hitting skills by playing a game that is popular in their country. The game consisted of a long thin stick longer than a bat and thinner than a ruler. The balls that was used to pitch to the hitter was the shape of a hockey puck only smaller and thinner. This technique is mainly used to improve hitting skills and

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