Personal Statement : Pursue Dentistry

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My decision to pursue dentistry came about after great insight and thoughtfulness. Many experiences at various times in my life have led me to recognize my capabilities, desires, and passions which have eventually paved the path of dentistry. Over the years, growing up in India, a country so glaringly deficient of adequate healthcare services, ignited the passion in me to contribute by being a healthcare provider. Throughout my school years, my primary interest was science and I was an active and successful participant at the annual science fair for many years. At school, I made multiple practical science projects while also finding time to practice and enjoy my childhood passion for painting. By the time I reached high school, I began to recognize that dentistry would be the most appropriate career choice for me as it incorporated my passion of community service through healthcare with my capabilities of hard work, determination and manual dexterity.
Competing with almost 15,000 other applicants and getting accepted to one of the premier dental schools of the country was a big achievement for me and one that gave me immense self-belief. While in dental school, my academic interests were largely focused on oral cancer. I was particularly intrigued as to how educated people could not comprehend the harmful and fatal effects of tobacco smoking. This inspired me to make a scientific poster on ‘Smoking Thrills, But Kills’ which I presented at a national…
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