Personal Statement: Why I Want To Be Staff

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) Why do you want to be staff?:

I, Hifz want to be staff for many reasons.The First reason is because I see so many people needing help but there is no staff on. All what I say is from my experience, every time I come on the weekends in the morning I love to pvp. However that's when things get nasty. Everybody knows that staff don't come on early morning except some people. I see hackers every single time and I never see staff on. This means I will be on the look out for hackers 24/7.

Also I really want staff because I'm always on teamspeak asking staff members questions but they never answer. This is my rule: Don't afk if your staff. This is because it really looks bad (personally) because then they think staff ignore you. This is all personal experience. *Not Saying To Make A Rule*. Another reason I should be staff is because I'm active every where. I'm not just on minecraft but on Teamspeak and other programs. If any of you need help I will add you on skype or talk to me on teamspeak! I will always be on ts if I'm on teamspeak. Also I don't want to copy anybody else who said this but I treat EVERYONE EQUALLY NO MATTER WHAT. I don't care honestly, you might be the best pvper or not. You might be the best builder or not. You might be …show more content…

I love playing cyclone and I will be on it all day long. However I know sometimes it can become boring after a while but to spice things up I want to give back to the community as they did to me. I want to help them out like they helped me to have fun! I will focus and take this job seriously if I do get accepted. I dont want to be a random person who doesn't know what he is doing, if I do get accepted I will start getting more help needed and I will always be on. If I'm afk then I will just leave. I don't want players to think I'm ignoring them. I want to be helpful to the community and help more and want to be more well known

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